Beautiful. Elegant. You.

Elizabeth Seropian is an accomplished Los Angeles-based Makeup Artist with over a decade of professional experience. Through the years, she’s become a remarkably-involved industry pillar that’s helped pave the way for many artists, models, and entrepreneurs; all of whom she considers dear friends. She’s worked with worldwide brands, celebrity clientele, top photographers, stylists, and models all over the country; as well as, countless brides, red carpet events, and runways. Her work has been seen in several magazines, a myriad of shows, channels, and brand collaborations. 

From a young age, Elizabeth has had the golden touch on all endeavors. Her creative mindset placed her on course to dabble in several forms of art that started with canvas paintings at a young age. In the end, Elizabeth knew that Makeup was her true calling because it was the ultimate combination of art and beauty. Elizabeth treats every job as a blessing, and every client as her friend. Her humble attitude, approachable demeanor, and overall love for people makes every person that sits in her chair feel at home.

Elizabeth is a natural educator. Not just from her on-point knowledge of an ever-developing industry, but because of her love for growth and interconnectivity. Elizabeth takes pride in helping anyone that asks, even those that don’t. She feels a sense of serene-accomplishment when she works with students, because to her, there’s nothing better than people connecting on a common love for something they feel compassion for. Her life’s mantra is, “you’re never too big to serve”. She believes that we’re all here to help each other, to make each other feel beautiful, and especially loved.